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Tokyo based, British/Japanese, English speaking planners for weddings, elopements and vow renewals.


They work exclusively with international couples, who live both here in Japan and overseas. You need wedding planners who understand the cultural differences and challenges of getting married in another country. That's where they come in!

How does this help you?

  • You have native speaker support
  • You have experienced wedding planners with a cool and growing network of wedding vendors and service suppliers, including kimono specialists, wedding venues, shrines, hair and make-up artists, photographers, DJs, caterers, etc
  • You have someone who can guide you as a you navigate the ins and outs of a wedding in Japan
  • You have a point of contact in the country before, during and after the big day


Want to find out more? Contact us, and we will fill you in!


Wedding Planning


Shrine Elopements

from ¥300,000

Vow Renewals

from ¥50,000


  • Research
  • Planning
  • On-the-day assistance; event management


(NB, this does not include the cost of venues, ceremony, catering, photography etc)


  • Shinto ceremony
  • Traditional wedding kimono
  • Hair and make up
  • Photography
  • On-the-day assistance



  • Officiant
  • Kimono for bride and groom
  • On-the-day-assistance
  • Self-photography
  • Certificate from Vow Renewal Japan


How does it work?

  1. Just send us a message (below or to, we will send you an application form on which you indicate possible times for a face-to-face meeting or Skype call
  2. We chat, in person or over Skype.
  3. Based on your requests, we put together a proposal.
  4. If you like it, and the date is good, we move ahead with the plan.



How far in advance do we need to book?

Naturally, the sooner the better. Ceremonies will be subject to the availability of the venue and vendors. Generally speaking spring and autumn are the busiest times for weddings in Japan. So it is recommended you book as soon as you make your decision.

How do we pay?

We accept payment either via PayPal, or TransferWise.

Can we choose the kimonos?

Yes! You will go for a fitting prior to the ceremony/photoshoot. This can be done one day before the event.

Do we need to speak Japanese?

No. But if you opt for the ceremony package, you will have to say the wedding oath in Japanese. We will write it down for you, so you can practice ahead of time.

I’m not of the Shinto faith, can I get married in a Shinto shrine?

Yes. Shinto weddings are open to all faiths and creeds.

What about legal matters?

Wedding ceremonies in Japan are not legally binding. You still need to have your wedding papers signed in your home country. Think of this as a photo opportunity.

**NB:However, it has recently become easier for foreigners to register their marriage in Japan. We will help with the paperwork, for a nominal fee.

We are planning to visit Japan for a week or so, can fit any of these packages into our holiday?

Yes, of course! We will meet multiple times over Skype before hand, and set everything up for you before you come.


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